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2k16 will be tough

Salam alaik

Well its literally cliche, when its come to new year, there will be some speech, new post, some new spirit and new goals or etc.

But have you all realise that everyday is a new day and everyday deserve new spirits and goals.

But now, I don't want to speak out about this. Lets put this as a side dish.

The main dish are ;

What the things that I should change? It is better for me to be still with the old me yet I already used to it? Or just move forward without care those shit-mouth talking back?

Hm well I should begin with my talk. Personally, I hate talking and love to hear out something. I rather write on something than talking to people. But when people ask me for some opinions or some advises, I will talk directly and privately. Actually, I'm not good with people and society. And I'm also bad at making friends.

I'm just a girl with the silent screams inside my heart and head. I scared that I will hurt someone. Because when people talk to me sometimes it…