Hello guys and peeps ! A negative day today.


Sometimes people can't let themselves get rid from the past. But keep telling the others to let it go. Sometimes we told people to be strong, but we keep ourselves weak(despair). Sometimes we asked people to move forward, but we keeping ourselves static and not moving at all. Sometimes we said to people to search new inspiration, but we keep ourselves surround with the past aspiration.

And we keep saying to people 'Be the present' but we let ourselves labyrinth with the past.

Fake(?) Haha.

We keep smiling but deeply in our heart there were thousands thorn. We keep cheering but there was sadness behind it. We pretended to be strong, tbh actually we need someone.

Once, I wanted to disappear from people. They doesn’t need me at all. Because everyone will die, and people will not remembering us isn't ? So, is it necessary for ourselves knowing people, in fact we know they WILL forget us?

I know world is like hell. But reality is hell, tho. And I know when I felt to run away, I just can't.

Well, you can said, world is not wonderland, which there is no heaven here. World is the place we should take it over and not let it taking over. But sadly, we get fire up with wealth of world even we know the world actually lying us(and its hell)

Sorry guys, this post a bit negative. Just take some ibrah from it.

Let say, suddenly someone important for us are so far far far far away. At first, we ignored. But after a long period we felt lost. Why we being like that? Because we are too hoping on him/her on everything we did(do).

I hate the feeling of lost. It sucks and I'm sick with it. 'Feel' is hell. But 'feel' needed to be pain, right?

Hectic life, eh? I'm not despair, but still.

I want to share one funny story. I bet you will laugh.

Back then once, I have tried disappearing(lost contact) myself from people I know which is so important for me(not boyfriend;take this note seriously) I don’t have any either.

So, I keep running from that person. After a long time, I just want that person ask me for come back and don't run away again. But sadly, nothing came through and at that I felt, I'm not needed(?)

Funny right? Waiting for someone that we know he/she will be there for us but its vice versa. Hell.

From there I know, whenever you go, first keep your mom and dad deep bottom in your heart. Because once you lost people that you know(friends or etc.), you will not regret because they will forget. But once you lost your life(family), you can't be alive anymore, now die.

In this world, we need to think twice. World is come up by choices.

Whether we want live our life with past or present.
"Kak skee boleh ke kita sayang kawan lelaki kita?"
"Kenapa dorang bukan manusia ke, takpayah sayang?"
"Cakaplah betul betul."
Sepi, dia tak balas text, aku balas lagi
"Setiap manusia ada hak untuk disayangi dan menyayangi."
"Even kat lelaki?"
"Kenapa kalau lelaki?"
"Yelah dorang ada kata jaga ikhtilat lah bagai"
"Ada beza."
"Tak semestinya kita jaga ikhtilat kita tak boleh sayang mereka"
"Akak ada kata, kalau suka kat seseorang, jauhkan diri. So, orang tu tak layak disayangilah?"
  Wahai adik-adik sekalian, budak kecik tu buat cara budak kecik eh -________-
Aku bukan budak kecik dah eh, tahun depan aku 18 tau *flip tudung* Haha kbai.


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